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Paintings by Ray Loper on display

07 Jul 19
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Millerton artist Ray Loper’s paintings of historic barns are on display in the Irondale Schoolhouse. The oil-on-canvas pieces are available for purchase, with 20 percent of the proceeds benefiting the schoolhouse.

The following is Ray’s description of his work:

“During the earliest years of the formation of this country, the rural areas were predominantly composed of small hamlets and self-sufficient family dairy farms. Dutchess County was no exception. Since every farm needed a barn to house their animals and equipment, the end result was hundreds of barns dotting the landscape, each having its design—and for want of another word, personality. Unfortunately, with all the changes in the area today from agriculture to residential developments and industry, the old barns have become obsolete, causing ‘the dilemma of the old barns,’ costing thousands to maintain and thousands to dismantle. They are being left to decay.

“For this reason I am preserving them on canvas to the best of my ability before they disappear and are lost forever. My painting ‘The Old and the New’ to me is an illustration of the futility of updating because unfortunately in all probability the new will suffer the same fate, only the time frame will be different.