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Paintings by Ray Loper on display

07 Jul 19
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Millerton artist Ray Loper’s paintings of historic barns are on display in the Irondale Schoolhouse. The oil-on-canvas pieces are available for purchase, with 20 percent of the proceeds benefiting the schoolhouse.

The following is Ray’s description of his work:

“During the earliest years of the formation of this country, the rural areas were predominantly composed of small hamlets and self-sufficient family dairy farms. Dutchess County was no exception. Since every farm needed a barn to house their animals and equipment, the end result was hundreds of barns dotting the landscape, each having its design—and for want of another word, personality. Unfortunately, with all the changes in the area today from agriculture to residential developments and industry, the old barns have become obsolete, causing ‘the dilemma of the old barns,’ costing thousands to maintain and thousands to dismantle. They are being left to decay.

“For this reason I am preserving them on canvas to the best of my ability before they disappear and are lost forever. My painting ‘The Old and the New’ to me is an illustration of the futility of updating because unfortunately in all probability the new will suffer the same fate, only the time frame will be different.

Schoolhouse celebrates National Children’s Day

13 Jun 19
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Originally published in the June 13, 2019 edition of The Millerton News

By Darryl Gangloff

The weather was perfect for the Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse’s National Children’s Day on Sunday, June 9, at the historic one-room Irondale Schoolhouse in Millerton.

Children decorated their bicycles and participated in a parade on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail. Gift certificates to Oblong Books & Music were awarded for the best-decorated bicycles. Riley and Parker Whalen earned first prize, Sierra Watson earned second and Iris Wood earned third.

Jonathan Grusauskas of the Music Cellar entertained the crowd with songs, Rhiannon Leo-Jameson of the NorthEast-Millerton Library read stories, Stewart’s Shops provided free ice cream, and everyone enjoyed games outside the schoolhouse.

Photo courtesy the Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse: Sierra Watson, left, and Jane Wood participated in the bicycle parade during the Irondale Schoolhouse’s National Children’s Day.

Seasons Greetings from the Board & Construction Committee

16 Nov 14
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Thanks to Townscape, the Irondale Schoolhouse is decked out for the Holiday Season.
Conceived by Jeanne Vanecko and installed by John Crawford, David Shapiro & Donald Najdek.
Thank you for a job well done.

Millerton gathers for Irondale Schoolhouse dedication ceremony

18 Oct 14
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By: Gabriel Napoleon

Members of the public, as well as representatives from the village, town and state governments, gathered at 16 Main St. on Saturday, Oct. 18, for the Irondale Schoolhouse dedication ceremony.

The Board of the Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse, led by Ralph Fedele, center, was joined by members of Millerton, North East and state governments to cut the ribbon at the building’s dedication ceremony, Saturday, Oct. 10. New York State Assembly member Didi Barrett (D-106), second in from the left, held the ribbon for North East Supervisor John Merwin with schoolhouse board member Cathy Fenn, second in from the right. Photo by Gabriel Napoleon

Read the full story in this week’s Millerton News or online at

Photo by Gabriel Napoleon. 


Interior Completion

24 Sep 14
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Schoolhouse interior will be completely plastered and painted by end of next week. The stone perimeter will be started on Sept 17th.

Welcome to the Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse

21 Sep 14
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This historic 1858 one-room schoolhouse served the Ogdensville (Irondale) community until 1930.

Open Late May thru Mid Oct. | Friday   12 -4 | Sat/Sun 10 – 4